Passport Renewal



Please make sure that:
Your expired passport was issued within the last 15 years;
You were at least 16 years of age at the time;
You still have the same name or can legally document your name change.
Your passport is not damaged and is in your posession (is not lost or stolen).

Passport Renewal - Fees  
Processing Time Government Fee Service Fee Total Cost
2-3 weeks $180.45 $57.00 $237.45
*These fees are for passport book only. There are additional fees if you apply for both passport book and passport card + $30.00 Government fee and $20.95 Service fee.

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The U.S. Passport Card can be used to enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda at land border crossings or sea ports-of-entry. The passport card cannot be used for international travel by air.